The BINARY Files

Binary is my1964 Columbia 24, hull# 157. Before I got her in the summer of 1997, I didn't even know that Columbia sailboats existed. It's a year and a half later and I certainly have learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and made a lot of friends.

I started sailing in the early '70s. When I wasn't on my Force5, I was sailing Sunfish, my brother's Hobies, day sailors, and all sorts of similar craft. I even ran the American Red Cross's Sunfish-based learn to sail program in Cleveland for a few years. I had a few rides on cruisers over the years and thought it would be great to have one, but a big boat always seemed to be beyond my budget.

I moved to Virginia. Time went by. Then one day, as the result of a casual conversation, Binary fell into my lap. The rest is history.

The following links will, in time, take you to pages telling tales about Binary and me, and our (mis-)adventures on the Chesepeake Bay.

Thanks, Pat. I took good care of her.