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Welcome to the Columbia Yacht Owners Association Information Repository. The information contained here has been collected from the various Columbia web sites, emails and owner contributions.

This site is organized according to a scheme put forth by Chris McKesson. He is a Naval Architect and adapted this structure from one he uses in his work. According to Chris:

"The system is based on a USNavy system called SWBS ("Ship Work Breakdown Structure" - NAVSEA 0900-039-9010, as specially adapted for Small Craft, NAVSECNORDIV Pub S9009-AB-GTP-010) except that we have replaced SWBS Group 700 (Weapons) with "Mast Sails and Rigging"

They following pages reflect the structure and will be slowly populated as we develop the content. If you have any comments, corrections or would like to make a contribution, please email them to:      Paul Esterle at

Last Updated: 11/24/2004 14:58

Archive FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
000 Boat Performance
100 Structure
200 Propulsion Machinery
300 Electrical Plant
400 Navigational Equipment
500 Auxiliary Machinery
600 Outfit & Furnishing
700 Sails & Rigging
800 Sea Trials & Sea Stories
F00 Load Items
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