Archive FAQs


Archive FAQ


Q: Why an archive?

A: To function as a resource for Columbia owners and owners-to-be; to extract and retain useful information from the messages posted on the various Columbia forums and to organize that information in an easily accessed form.


Q: How are the topics organized?

A: A fellow Columbia owner, Chris McKesson, is also a Naval Archtect. In his work he uses something called a Ship Work Breakdown Structure (SWBS). He has adapted the format for our use.


Q: What kinds of topics can be place in the archive?

A: Any general boating or Columbia related topics are fine. Site managers retain final approval..


Q: How do folks generate the information and get it on the archive?

A: Most topics are collections of email messages captured by an interested individual. These are collected into a txt (text) file or a WORD document. In some cases the topic may be written as an article and submitted. Submissions are made by sending the file to Please check the archive before sending in a file. In many cases, the subject has already been covered. In that case, only send in the new information! The site managers donít have the time to sort through email message collections checking for duplicates.


Q: What happens if I find a problem or a correction is needed?

A: Send an email to Paul Esterle at explaining the problem or correction.


Q: Can I send pictures of my boat for others to look at.

A: As much as we would like to archive all pictures Columbia, there isnít enough room. If the picture is needed to explain some part of the topic, then send it by all means. It may have to be cropped or resized however.


Q: Are there any copyright issues?

A: This is a gray area. The messages should be extracted from the Columbia lists. If you use information from other lists, it would be a courtesy to ask that listís permission to repost. Some sites wonít allow it. The archive is non-commercial.


Q: How is the archive setup and managed?

A: CYOA member George Istok provides the server space for the Columbia Yacht Owners Association web site. The archive is a subset of that site. Eric White manages the CYOA site, Paul Esterle maintains the archive. The archive was built using MicroSoft FrontPage.