A good old time had by Good Old Boats
By NANCY NOYES, For The Capital

Article from The Capital Online

Even if the breeze was not the best, racing in the third annual Good Old Boat Regatta, sponsored by Shearwater Sailing Club and Good Old Boat magazine, was ranked as an unqualified success by most if not all of the participants in Saturday's first race of the two-week series.

The race, a seven-mile government-mark course started in a light southwesterly with a heavy ebb current. Because of the nature of the event, which has attracted a large number of first-time and/or rusty racers, the committee offered friendly advice to the racers on staying away from the line in the current, avoiding mishaps.

After the breeze died off in mid-race, it freshened again from the northwest and provided great air of 12 to 14 knots for the finish

Racing for the Cal 25s and Tritons is sanctioned for CBYRA High Point purposes, while the rest of the fleet sailed for fun. Any class with at least three starters was given a one-design division, while the rest of the racers sailed in PHRF classes divided by keel type: full and fin.

"It was our first exposure to any type of boat race," commented Kip Hamilton of Severna Park, who sailed with his wife Beth on Moonbreeze. "We got hosed, but we had a blast. This event is such an important venue for getting the wordout that a 30-plus-year-old fiberglass boat can still get out there and stretch her legs."

Good Old Boat Regatta (Oct. 5)

Cal 25
(10 boats):

1. Quintet, M & R Miller, RBSA

2. Ronin, Shiels/Wooldridge, RRBC

3. L'Orange, Tom Corboy, AYC

Tartan 37
(6 boats):

1. Pelican, D & M Garner

2. Solstice, Beth Berry

3. Reflections, T. Sensenbrenner

Catalina 27
(6 boats):

1. Four Little Ducks, Tom Walsh, AYC

2. Hi Tide, John Ebell, SSC

3. Gato, Ross Arnett

Tartan 30
(5 boats):

1. Miranda, G. Gottschalk, MRSA

2. Windrift, B. Whitehurst

3. Beaujolais, Jeff Poehler

Pearson 30
(3 boats):

1. Irish Mist, Roy Ericson

2. St. Somewhere, Hagler/Ellwood, EYC/AYC

(4 boats):

1. Overdraft, David Hoyt, RRBC

2. Sea Deuce, Eleanor Holmes, RRBC

3. Sandpiper, Dan Lawrence

Handicap Fin Keel
(10 boats):

1. Checkmate (Cal 2-30), Bob & Cindi Gibson, 1:26:52 c.t.

2. Spring Moon (Crealock 37), Richard & Valerie Tudan, 1:26:52 c.t.

3. Killick (Cal 34), John Berens, 1:31:19 c.t.

Handicap Full Keel
(7 boats):

1. Too Tuna (Bristol 40), Mike Cahall, 1:31:13 c.t.

2. Dolce Vita (Cheoy Lee 40), Audrey Ross, 1:34:19 c.t.

3. Pelago (Columbia 40), Eric White, 1:41:46 c.t.

Weekend Two.