Pelago Makes It Big

"Gonna get my picture on the cover.
  Gonna buy five copies for my mother."

                                 - Dr. Hook

Here's the letter I wrote that started it all:


Like ALL Chesapeake Bay sailors, one of my dreams is to have me and my boat on the cover of Spinsheet. When Dave Gendell pulled up abeam with a camera during the second day of the Good Old Boat Regatta, I knew we would finally make it. Sure we were third out of four in the last fleet off and sucking serious wake, but it's not where you place - it's style that counts.

I kept checking the Spinsheet website and at last, the GOB Regatta pictures showed up. I held my breath as I worked my way through them. I was getting a bit dizzy, but finally I found Too Tuna, the Bristol 40 that blew our class away. Then there was La Dolce Vita, the beautiful Cheoy Lee 40 with the almost all women crew that finished ahead of us. Finally, there we.......

.............THERE WE WEREN'T!!

There were no more pictures! Magpie, the Bristol 27 behind us was nowhere to be found either.

ACK! My chance for fame and fortune run aground. How could I face my crew with the news?

Having completely forgotton to breathe, I passed out.

I guess I'll have to try again next year.


Eric White
Columbia 40 Pelago
Columbia Yacht Owners Association

PS. All kidding aside, other than this one GLARING oversight, you folks put out a great rag.


Here's the next issue of SpinSheet

In all honesty I have to admit that this was on page 18. Dave Gendell replied and explained their picture policy thusly:

...our goal is to get EVERY boat on the course, and even a few non-racers who are "just passing through." We really don't care what place you're in or how much you spent on your boat. As long as your fenders are stored and your sails are (somewhat) trimmed, we will take your photo.

He goes on to explain that not all photos come out well. Given that it had become overcast and he was trying to steer with one hand and shoot with the other, it's amazing ANY photos came out that day.

In a move typical of the kind of folks they are, they worked a little magic on Pelago's picture and published it, albeit on page 18.

There's always next year (grin).