Power Yacht Owners Registry

I finally decided to try adding a page for power yachts.

Email your boat's information and I will add it to the list.

This page has Columbia Power Yachts. The Sailboats less than 30 ft and 30 ft and up are on separate pages.

Year    Hull#  Name              Home Port              Owner

30 ft Columbia Express Cruisers

1964          name?                                Ross Hollinger ross(at)comnett.net
1964          The Other Lady     San Diego, CA     Ryan Young rwyoung02(at)aol.com                 
1966          Seagona II                           David Scrogham davidscrogham(at)netzero.net
1966          name?              Austin, TX        Glenn Gawlik glenngawlik(at)yahoo.com
1967          Troll Me Away      Waukegan, MI      (for sale Yachtworld.com 3/2004)
196?                                               Carmin Cimino Mitchbus(at)aol.com
19??          Indepth            Palm Harbor, FL   (sold on eBay 3/2004)
1974?         name?                                KTins47435(at)aol.com

Sail Registry (less than 30 ft) and Sail Registry (30 ft and up)

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