Nekkid Pirates Weekend

Eric and Mike return from the raging storm.

Fitz and Joe. I can hear water gurgling in the drains now.

On Binary. (shown l to r) Keith, Eric, Joe. (not shown) Four or five other guys and water coming IN the cockpit drains.

The "Hall of Masts". (l to r) Keith, Fitz, Capt. Jim, Mike, Eric, Joe.

Charlie & Sharon Sorrentino in Big Mary's, the outdoor bar at Pirate's Cove.

Keith, Jim, & Eric posing in Big Mary's.

Binary in her original slip behind Pirate's Cove.

Joe Bradt, Charlie Sorrentino and Capt. Jim's friend Tom.

Three Musketeers (l to r) Eric White, Charles "Fitz" Fitzsimmons, Mike "Nekkid Pirate" Keers.