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Believe it or not, Columbia yachts is making a comeback led by Vince Valdes, son of original founder Dick Valdes.. Check out their website.

Bonnie Dahl and her husband have owned a Columbia 10.7 since 1978. Bonnie is an author and has written books on cruising Lake Superior, GPS and Loran. They recently retired and sailed DAHLFIN II south. The web site is maintained by their son, Peter, and details their trip to date. DAHLFIN II

Joe Bennet's C-50 Columbia Cruising Club site.

The Coronado Web Site

Islander Yachts

Boat Renaming Ceremony

Check it out! A great sailing page and home of the Columbia Yacht Owners' mailing/discussion list!

It started with Pat and Paul (Cap't Pauley) Esterle's video showing improvements they have made to their 20' sloop, Ternabout and has grown to eBooks, Videos, DVDs and CDs, for Boaters, by Boaters. Lots of good ideas for the old boat owner.

Dr. Dave Parker's do it yourself windvane

"A great West Coast sailing mag/paper." - Mike Keers

The best little rag on the Chesapeake Bay.

My friend Dave's schooner for charter. Gypsy Rover

Home page for NOAA. View & download almost-real-time weather satelite images, weather info, etc.) NOAA

Rigging Only Sheaves and stuff

Garhauer Marine Hardware

Harken Block Calculator

Tide and Current Predictor

Nautical Charts on the Web

Engine manuals online.

the origin of some Nautical Terms.

Bacon and Associates Used Sails

Minney's Yacht Surplus - Used Sails and more!

Don's Salvage Yard, 5601 126th Ave. N, Clearwater, FL (727) 576-8577

Atlantic Sail Traders - Used Sails

Used Sail Database

Elliot Pattison Sailmakers (used sails)

Schurr Sails (used sails)

The Sail Exchange (used sails)

Sail Power Calc

The Rot Doctor penetrating epoxy and similar products.

Boat building resources

Boat Owners World links

Ocean Masters Sailing Academy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

National Weather Service data from weather buoys around the country. National Data Buoy Center

Westerbeke, Universal, Atomic Four.

Atomic Four info and links.

Proper Pitch is a marine propeller and drive train facility. They specialize in the sales and reconditioning of propellers and shafting. Proper Pitch

New and used gear.

So what to do about PWCs? (aka, "aquatic skeet") .

Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Links.

Mark Gougeon Bros/West Systems.

Ocean Outfitters Marine Consignment Store Online

Jamestown Distributors.

West Marine.



Fawcett's in Annapolis.

Brian Toss Rigging.

AeroHydro Marine Design (Dr. John Letcher).

Dwyer Mast.

Sites About Windvanes






Cape Horn.


Sheet to tiller steering.

Ocean Marine Services provides professional marine surveys, deliveries, and yacht management programs. Capt. Scott Thompson, AMS C-40, hull #33, Bird

Reefing and Unreefing

Reefing Systems By Dave and Jaja

Jiffy Reefing

Reefing by Ron Blair

Reefing by Ron Blair 2

Marine Related Companies that spam me

I get a lot of email because of the CYOA site. I expect it. But I have a real problem with companies who I have never done business with that add the Columbia Yacht Owners Site (me) to their mailing lists.

Please do NOT do business with the following companies.

Thanks, Eric

Outdoortextiles.com of Stuart, FL. They put me on their mailing list.