Columbia Constellation Specifications

Manufactured by:

Columbia Sailing Yachts

Whittaker Corporation

The following information was provided by John Broughton.

The Constellation has a large fore deck and a raised cabin with two large windows on each side, and two smaller windows in the front. The mast seems to rest on the keel. The cabin has a nice layout. The boat cost $26,995.00 new.

Constellation photo.

Constellation diagram.

Who designed the Constellation? Columbia never attributed the design to any one designer. They never overlooked a chance to boast about the yacht designer in their advertising. When no name is mentioned, it's a good bet the design was originally drafted by a well known designer. I have a copy of an original Columbia engineering drawing. It is a true lines drawing of a hull - the countour lines that define the entire shape of the hull, not just the outline. The drawing is labeled "Columbia 40" but there is no date nor draftman's name or initials. What is there is a Columbia 40 keel modified to show a spade rudder rather than a keel-hung rudder. In addition there is a deep keel drawn in. The drawing is too large for me to scan, but here is the modified area. Thus there is a direct path from the Charlie Morgan \ designed C-40 hull to the Constellation and C-38 hulls, which Columbia never attributed to any particular designer. Then there is the matter of that C-50 house...

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