Columbia 45 Literature

Justin Thompson now has the Columbia literature and engineering drawings saved when the Virginia plant closed. He sent me the following information in January 2000.

Prices do not include postage, please add 3.20 priority postage for owners manuals and small plans and $7.50 for tube and postage on the plans. To purchase just drop me an email, or send a check to the address below.

Justin's contact information

  Columbia 45 Brochures (brochures are original):
  Columbia 45 Brochure, 10 pages in Color, 10/71 - $15.00
  Columbia 45 Brochure, 2 pages in Color, No Date - $10.00

  Owners Manual: (Includes Separate laminating Schedule 3/70, 5 pages)
  Columbia 45 Owners Manual, (Covers Original, Insides copies) - $35.00

  Blue Prints 18X24 & Larger - $10 per plan (blue prints are copies not
  C45 Companionway Cibboards & Slides, 18X24, 10/74, 459-101
  C45 Emergency Tiller Assembly & Installation, 18X24, 10/74, 459-401
  C45 Sail Plan, Sloop, 26X30, 7/71. C45-00-0000
  C45 Sail Plan, Ketch, 25X30, 8/71. C45-00-0004
  C45 Sail plan, Tall Rig, 25X30, 7/71, C45-00-0005
  C45 Interior Arrangement, 30X42, 1/71, C45-00-2000
  C45 Construction Plan,30X44, 10/71. C45-00-3000
  C45 Deck Lines, 24X44, No Date or Number
  C45 Mast Assembly, 29X36, 1/71, C45-02-1100
  C45 Mast Assembly, Tall Rig, 29X36, 1/71, C45-02-2000
  C45 Mast, Mizzen, 18X24, 8/71, C45-02-1400
  C45 Rigging Specifications, 18X24, 7/71, C45-03-1000
  C45 Rigging Specifications, Ketch Rig, 18X24, 9/71, C45-03-1001
  C45 Rigging Specifications, Tall Rig, 18X24, 6/75, C45-03-1200
  C45 Wood, Hull Liner, 29X36, 8/71, C45-08-1100
  C45 Heat Riser, Std, 18X24, 8/71, C45-08-1431
  C45 Heat Riser. Perkins 4.236, 18X24, 9/71, C45-08-1432
  C45 Heat Riser, Std, 18X24, 8/71, C45-08-1433
  C45 Heat Riser, 18X24, 7/71, C45-08-1433 (Marked Inactive)
  C45 Stand Pip, Exhaust, Onan, 18X24, 8/72, C45-08-1439
  C45 Plumbing, #0X44, 10/71, C45-08-2211
  C45 Quadrant Assembly, Wagner HYD, 18X24, 8/71, C45-08-2321
  C45 Wood, Deck, 30X36, 8/71, C45-14-1110
  C45 Deck Hardware, 32X44, 9/71, C45-14-1400
  C45 Deck Hardware, Optional, 32X44, 10/71, C45-14-1500
  C45 Windows, 18X24, 8/71, C45-14-1423
  C45 X Package Cabinet, 18X24, 5/76, X651
  C45 Mirror Frame, 11X17, 10/74, 459-201
  STD Mast Collar, 18X24, 8/69, STD-14-14220 (Used on 43, 45 & 50)
  STD Interior Mast Collar, 18X24, 8/69, STD-14-14521 (Used on 43, 45 & 50)

There are many common blue prints among the Columbia models, on request I
can research and track down a particular plan.