What's There to Love?

The following was posted on the Columbia email list one night:

The list seems a little slow these days even with the virtual race so I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask about these boats you folks are sailing. You see, I do not have a Columbia nor have I ever seen one (there, I feel like I've come out of the closet). I have a Hunter 1980 27 that I'm quite happy with but I am interested in older traditional boats.

So tell me guys, whats there to love?

What are the number designations? Is this a metric length (meters)? What is the strong point of a Columbia? Are they built for speed or comfort? Racer or cruiser? Do they all use outboards for auxilary or do some have inboards?

I had an older Catalina and I just like the older styling with some teak to go along with the white fiberglass. These new low maintenance boats with no wood don't appeal to me. On the other hand an all wood hull would be a little overwhelming.

Forgive my rambling, I guess I'm bored tonight!

Don Bodemann

Quite a discussion ensued. It included a lot of votes for the best looking Columbia (C-38, C-40, and C-50 got the most)

Then trhavins posted the following:

Why a Columbia? Because they fit the life lived appropriately... right in there with a fresh picked apple or a split cane fly rod or real leather hunting boots or Casablanca or the first snow in the rockies or new hay or a Model A or the perfect hat. Its real coffee on a crisp morning. A well cared for Columbia defines the point where life meets art.

My Columbia is too small and too old and too tired and at least three years away from being where I want her to be and I STILL can't wait to get down to the dock on Saturday morning. I'm trying to figure out how you people in the great white North are going to make it till Spring.

I would have to put on my gloves and go sit in the boat in the yard.

We do.

I can't imagine anyone putting it more eloquently.

Fair Winds!

- Eric