Columbia 36 Specifications

Manufactured by:

Columbia Yacht Corporation

A subsidiary of Whittaker Corporation

275 McCormick Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 540-7070

2400 Wesley St., Portsmouth, VA 23707

(703) 393-1051

The Columbia 36 was available as a sloop or a yawl.

                          36              36 MkII
Length Overall:         35' 9"             36' 2"
Length Waterline:       28' 3"             28' 3"
Beam:                   10' 6"             10' 6"
Draft:                   5' 5"              5' 3"
Headroom:                6' 4"
Sail Area:             557 sq. ft.        557 sq. ft.
Displacement:       12,000 lbs.        13,200 lbs.
Ballast:             5,000 lbs. (lead)  5,000 lbs.
Vertical Clearance:     45' 8"
Water:                  44 gals.
Fuel:                   29 gals.
Engine:          30 hp Atomic 4
                Universal 30 hp
CCA Rating              32.7
Designer:           William W. Crealock
Price Less Sails:  $18,950

Columbia 36 Sailplan and Rigging Specifications

1970 Brochure and Price List

Brochure cover

Pages 2 and 3

Pages 4 and 5

Pages 6 and 7

Back Cover

Price list, first page

Price list, second page

On my C-36, the hull plate is easily found. Go to head, take a seat (with or without reading material), turn head 90 degrees to the right, your nose is pointing at it.

Doug Thomas

Scott St. Clair writes:

Years ago, when I was interested in buying a C-36, I talked to Bill Crealock, the designer. He said that when the boat was first offered, it had something like a Scheel keel to give it shoal draft. He had misgivings about the design of the keel and did the design with the understanding that, if it were not successful, Columbia would fit a more traditional keel to the boats.

As it turned out, the "Scheel keel" didn't work very well and was replaced by a traditional design after some number of boats. I don't know how many, but it was something less than 50.

How does this relate to the "shoal draft option" you are inquiring about? I don't know that either, but maybe the're related.

In May 1968 Columbia ads were still touting the ...advanced underbody concepts that include the latest in today's drag-reducing hydrodynamic achievements. By January 1970 Columbia brochures showed the inverted shark fin keel and 5' 3" draft.

And how's this for an endorsment for a boat?

 Here is another Columbia for your registry. My home port is Juneau Alaska
but I have sailed the Foolish Dreamer extensively including a solo
circumnavigation during 1983-1986.
                                                Take Care,
                                                Robert Broussard

Steve Thompson sends the following info about the rudder bushing:

Mine has ID of 2-7/16, OD of 2-5/8 and is slightly less than 4 inches tall. It "appears" to be made out of nylon or something like it.

There is a nylon washer directly underneath the bearing that sits in a slight recess in the hull. This washer has 2-7/16 ID, 2-3/4 OD, and is 3/16 thick. This same washer or very close to it also sits on the top of the tube directly under the quadrant.

The above specifications also match very closely the sailcrafter manual for the C36. I would think my bearing probably started out with 2-3/8 ID and just got a little bigger over time. I have a minimal amount of slop in mine at the moment.

Columbia 36 advertisment

Columbia 36 MkII diagram

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