Columbia 34 Mk II Specifications

Manufactured by:

Columbia Yacht Corporation

A Division of Whittaker Corporation.

275 McCormick Ave., Costa Mesa, California - 714 340-7870

2400 Wesley Sreett., Portsmouth, Virginia - 703 391-1031

The Columbia 34 MkII was one of the Bill Tripp "Bubble Top" designs. According to John Broughton's notes, the C-34MkII was built from 1970 to 1975.

The following specifications and diagrams came from original C-34 MkII brochures. Here is a diagram from an early brochure showing the centerboard version. The centerboard version only shows up in the early advertising. It drops out and the shoal draft fixed keel version appears.

                        Standard Keel    Shoal Draft    Centerboard
     Length Overall:     33'7"
     Length Waterline:   27'4"
     Beam:               10'0"
     Draft:               5'6"              3'9"         3'9"/7'11"
     Displacement:     12,000 lbs.       13,000 lbs.     11,000 lbs.(1)
                       10,000 lbs. (2) 
     Ballast (lead):    4,700 lbs.        5,700 lbs.      5,700 lbs.
      (1) from an early brochure, displacement is probably 13,000)
      (2) from an early brochure, displacement is probably 12,000)
     Sail Area:           526 sq. ft.
     Vertical Clearance: 48'0"
     Fuel:                 30 gallons;
     Water:                40 gallons;
       Salon:               7'
       Forward Cabin:     6'4"
     Engine:          Palmer P-60 with "V" drive
     Designer:        William H. Tripp;

More brochure diagrams: C-34 MkII diagram and specifications.

Shoal and deep keel outlines.

Additional notations from Bob Eberwine giving the following dimensions: