Columbia 27 Specifications

Manufactured by:

International Marine

Melbourne, Australia

This model was built under license by International Marine in Melbourne, Australia during the 1970s. The Australian magazine Cruising Helmsman has an article on this boat. It says the model was designed by Bill Tripp. The picture in the article looks like a C-26 MkII hull with a traditional cabin rather than the bubble top. It took some time but once I got a clear picture, I could see that it was a Coronado 27. It's well known that many Columbia models were created by stretching or shrinking other models, but it's also true that some Coronado models started as Columbias, or at least Columbia hulls. This is the case with the Coronado 27. It's a C-26 MkII with a different cabin and deck. Evidently the International Marine felt that the Corondado 27 would sell better than the Columbia 26, but that the Columbia name had better brand recognition, so the Coronado 27 became the Columbia 27 for the Australian market. The following are the basic specifications as listed in the article, the measurements converted from metrics, and comparative information for the Coronado 27 and the Columbia 26MkII:

                     COLUMBIA 27        CORONADO 27    COLUMBIA 26MkII
           LOA:  8.13 m       26' 8"      26' 8"         25' 7"
           LWL:  6.76 m       22' 2"      22' 2"         21' 8"
          Beam:  2.59 m        8' 6"       8' 6"          8' 6"    (Shoal draft)
    Draft Keel:  1.35 m        4' 5"       4' 4"          4' 4"    (   3' 2"   )
  Displacement:  2828 kg     6235 lb     6250 lb        5900 lbs   ( 6600 lbs. )
       Ballast:  1272 kg     2804 lb     2550 lb        2500 lbs   ( 3200 lbs. )
     Sail Area: 28.05 sqm  301.93 sqft    312 sqft       310 sqft

It has six berths and sleeps 4 comfortably. The cabin headroom is mostly 6 feet.

The following pictures were faxed to me from Australia by Greg Douglas:

Burong, the Columbia 27 owned by Chris McDonald of of Perth, Australia.

Cover from a Coronado 27 brochure.

Pictures from the Cruising Helmsman article.

Greg Douglas's C-27, Cashmere.

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