Columbia 10.7 Specifications

Manufactured by:

Columbia Sailing Yachts

Whittaker Corporation

This is a classic Alan Payne design and one of the Columbia "wide-body super cruisers". It debuted around 1976. It was first built by Whittaker at the Chesapeake plant, only. John Broughton's records show that Whittaker only built 66 copies. It appears that at least 180 copies were made and that production lasted at least through 1979.

The following specifications came from the original owners manual for Paul Esterele's 1978 Columbia 10.7.

Model Name                         Columbia 10.7
Model Number                       351
Length Overall                     35'2"        10.7 m
Designed Load Waterline Length     26'7"        8.1 m
Beam                               11'4"        3.45 m
Draft                              5'5"         1.65 m
Displacement                       13,900 lbs.  6304 kg
Ballast                            5,300 lbs.   2404 kg
Maximum Cabin Headroom             6'2"         1.89 m
Sleeping Capacity                  6
Vertical Clearance                 47'4"        14.4 m
Designer                           Alan Payne


           Manufacturer:     Yanmar
           Model:            2QM20
           Power:            22 H.P. @ 3000 RPM

Batteries:      105 amp-hr (one standard, one optional)

Propeller Shaft:
          Material:          Stainless Steel
          Diameter:          1 inch
          Length:            40.75 inches

          Material:          Bronze
          Style:             Solid 3 Blade
          Rotation:          Right Hand

Fuel Capacity:               20 Gallons

Water Capacity:
          Under Sole:        60 Gallons (standard)
          Port:              28 Gallons (optional)

Sail Area:
          100% Foretriangle: 310 sq. ft.
          Main:              222 sq. ft.
          Total              532 sq. ft.

An Owner Writes:

She (Insolvent) was the next to last hull built in the South Norfolk Plant. She was purchased on the assembly line and not 100% finished when the plant closed down. Due to an overzealous plant worker who forgot to close the seacocks she sank within 6 hours of being in the water. She would have sank further than one foot of water in the cabin but her keel stuck in the mud of the shallow slip. Needless to the say, the intial purchase price was renegotiated. She was dried and has been sailing ever since.


David Taylor

Columbia 10.7 diagram.

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