Chesapeake Bay Rendezvous Feb '02

Bill and Admiral Cathy Jacobson, Encore, 8.3; (background L to R Roy Kelman, Finally, 26; Jim and James Beaudry.

Judy Morgan and Bob Miller, Phoenix, 8.7

Capt. Jim expounds, Oldark, Contender 24

Sharon and Charlie Sorrentino, Chasseur, 10.7

1/2 a Hamilton

Capt. Jim and Charles "Fitz" Fitzsimmons. Fitz has a C-31, Lady, and is looking for a good home for his C-26 MkII, Sunward. Bill Battersby looks on.

"I thought you closed the seacocks." L to R Kip Hamilton, Perseverance, 36; Bill and Marilyn Clark, Sanctuary, 34; someone giving us the evil eye; Kathie Thompson; Judy Tanczos.

"Heck with the boat pictures, what's for lunch?" Barry Flashman, original owner of Elan, 26 MkII.

Jackie Dziuban and some squinty-eyed scoundrel. Eric White, Pelago 40.

"What are these guys doing in my picture?" Sam Courlas, Desiderata, 26. (Capt. Jim and Eric White, foreground L to R; back of Roy's head far right.)

I'll make a break for it as soon as mom relaxes. 1 and 1/2 Hamiltons.

Melinda and Cam Whetstone, Wolf's Den, 36

" if you just had a full keel..." (L to R) Sam Courlas; Mark Patullo, Great Blue, 26 MkII; Capt. Jim.

Cam about to have a martini poured on his head while Judy listens. Kathie and Bob check the menus.

"Bill installed one of those for me. You should get one, too." Kathie gets pointers from Cathy.

Jim Beaudry and son, James, Pegasus, 30; (This side L to R) Mark Patullo, Harvey and Shelly Kabran, Rooach Tov, 26 MkII; Bill Battersby, Mandatory, Contender 24.

The 34 boys. (L) Dick Tanczos, Rejuvenation, 34; (R) Bill Clark, Sanctuary, 34.

Nancy Fedchin (OPBBS in NJ) & Bill Battersby (background)(L to R) Dick Tanczos, Bill Clark, Kathie Thompson.

So much for paper manuals. During the early days of Columbia, computers were bigger and weighed more than the boats. Here we had two laptops and a third owner brought a copy of his manual on CD. All these pictures were taken with digital cameras. How times have changed.

Not Pictured:

Sandy Kelman, Finally, 26; Steve Thompson, Perseverance, 36; Hoagy Carmichael, James Bond, Miss Trixie, 29.