1998 Annapolis Boat Show Get Togethers

The Columbia get togethers at the boat show were great successes. The first was the Friday night happy hour hosted by Sailnet at Pusser's. In attendance were: Blair & Gerylann Arden, Jim Gardner (aka Capt'n Jim), and Mike Fellows. And we finally got to meet Cheryl and Sam Boyle, the folks behind Sailnet. Thanks again to Cheryl and Sam! Happy Hour pictures.

Saturday dawned bright and early and found a group of Columbia sailors meeting for breakfast. The last count I heard was 18 people in attendance. Thanks again to Paul Esterle for making the arrangements. Attendees included Paul & Pat Esterle, Charlie & Sharon Sorrentio, Skipper Bruce Johnson of local Sea Scouts & a scout (someday I'm going to learn to write names down, Harvey Kabran & daughter, Mike Fellows, Jim Gardner & and crewmember John, Jim McGreer, Chad & Marion Joyce. Obviously, I've missed a couple.

Eric White